My Visit With the Kevyn Aucoin Cosmetics Team

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A few weeks before my recent trip to Nordstrom Trend Show, I received a call from Margie, the fabulous makeup artist I work with at Nordstrom.  She told me the national makeup artists from Kevyn Aucoin were coming for Trend Show and insisted they be the ones to do my makeup.  It seems Nordstrom just added the line to some of their stores, Houston being one of them.

I always find that when I learn about something new, it pops up in other areas of life.  A few days after booking my appointment, the latest issue of Allure magazine arrived in my mailbox.  Lo and behold, there was a multi-page spread on how Kevyn Aucoin “single-handedly changed the world of makeup,” and his continued relevance 10 years after his death!  If you get the chance, the article is a fascinating read.  The article is a compilation of thoughts of various models and celebrities who were fortunate enough to have known Kevyn.  The upshot is that everyone mentioned, from Cindy Crawford to Liza Minnelli, believed Kevyn Aucoin always made them look like the best version of themselves.  Count me in!

So naturally, I went online to find out more.  Kevyn Aucoin wrote several books on makeup as an art, with a how-to feel.  He used shading to create shape and depth, without using a ton of color.  The result was dramatic and somehow natural at the same time.  Pretty cool stuff.  I was excited to see what his team would do for Trend Show.

At Trend Show, the Kevyn Aucoin team was teaching the application of the “iconic eye”.  The iconic eye uses neutral shadows of various depths of color to create contour and a deep-set eye.  This is done without a ton of color, which I found interesting.  The eye is then lined with a true black liquid liner, with a slight to severe uplift in the corner, depending on preference.

My friend and I both had our makeup done at Kevyn Aucoin.  Desiree, who did our makeup, really seemed to take her time, and she was truly delightful.  I was curious about her role with the company.  Turns out, she is the Executive Vice President of Global Sales and Marketing.  In the entire time I worked at a cosmetics counter, I never saw any of the executives come to town to do anything other than flit about the counter and talk about nonsense that demonstrated how out of touch they were with their target demographic.  This is exactly the reason Desiree said she liked to get out into the field and talk with people.  To stay in touch with and on top of what’s going on in the market.  I must say – I was very impressed.

And then, there was the makeup!  There was a lot to see, so I am going to stick to the items I loved enough to buy.  Desiree started by applying the Sensual Skin Enhancer foundation.  It comes in a small pot, and a little goes a long way.  She mixed it with their foundation primer; however, I am mixing it at home with my moisturizer.  It can be used for both foundation and concealer.  It evened out my skin, while maintaining a transparent quality that made it look like I wasn’t even wearing foundation.  Clearly, I picked up a pot!  It has a somewhat dewy finish, so if you are looking for a matte finish, this may not work for you.

Next she picked out an Essential Eye Shadow Palette that contained five shadows.  I must admit, this neutral eye look is something I have unsuccessfully been trying to work for a while.  No matter what colors I have tried to put together, I have never been able to achieve the look I want.  The palette she chose was a color combination that I would not necessarily have put together.  It was made up of white, camel, rust, taupe, and dark grey.  While not appealing in the palette , the effect in action was impressive (similar to a dress not looking great on a hanger, but fabulous once you try it on) – especially when combined with the Precision Liquid Liner, a liner that I found to be especially easy to use.

She finished off with the Celestial Veil Powder, a powdered highlighter used around the eye area that gives a slight glow as light hits it.  In addition to picking up everything I mentioned above, I also purchased a lipstick and gloss as well as two Loose Shimmer Shadows.  The Loose Shimmer Shadow comes in a small lipstick-looking container and is dispensed like a roll-on.  You get the effect of a wet application of a dry shadow – without the pain in the ass!

I have to tell you, it has been a long time since I have been this excited about my makeup.  The Kevyn Aucoin products are just so different than anything else I have tried.  I must have been in a rut and not known it!  What’s really nice is that their products are reasonably priced relative to the typical department store lines.  I have been using the products for a few weeks now and have been very happy (I’ve even received several compliments, too!).  Of course, I have also surfed the net checking out their other products and have found a few more I want to try on my next trip to Nordstrom!

If you are in the market for cosmetics, and up for trying something new, I highly recommend giving Kevyn Aucoin a try.  You can check out their products at Barney’s and of course, my personal favorite, Nordstrom.  (As always, neither Kevyn Aucoin cosmetics nor Nordstrom have paid me to say nice things about them.  This is my genuine opinion.)


What are your favorite products?  Gotta make sure I am not missing out on anything…



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